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Some Census Background

US Census Bureau tells everything you ever wanted to know about counting us beans.
See what the Census 2010 questionnaires look like.

The results of the census are used to determine how many congressional districts each state is apportioned. Congress defines the formula, in accordance with Title 2 of the U.S. Code, to reapportion among the states the 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives. 
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CENSUS: Better Productivity Data Needed for Future Planning and Budgeting 
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A rule of thumb for census costs in developing countries have for a long time been 1 USD / enumerated person. More realistic figures today are around 3 USD. These approximates should be taken with great care since a various amount of activities can be included in different countries (e.g. enumerators can either be hired or requested from civil servants). The cost in developed countries is far higher. The cost for the 2000 census in the US is estimated to 4.5 billion USD. Alternative possibilities to retrieve data are investigated.  
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Did you know that Census 2000 was billed by the bureau as "the largest peacetime effort in the history of the United States." How Does the Census Process Actually Work? What If I Have Questions About My Form? 
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Participating in the census is in everyone's best interest, because the information on the forms is used by decision-makers to determine which communities, schools, hospitals and roads need federal funding. Filling out your census form is also the best way to make sure people like you are represented in the census. 
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