Census Jackpot
Count me in!

How could Census 2010 be completed almost entirely by mail or online and garner more accurate data than ever before? 
Present the potential of a handsome reward to our public-spirited citizens through census-based states-run free lotteries.


The Germ of the Idea
In each of the Census Jackpot States, every respondent living within its borders who completes a census questionnaire would become a potential winner of the big bucks prizes funded by well-heeled corporations, businesses and state governments that understand the benefits to them of an accurate census. Civic and business groups would come together within the state to form an organization that would assure the cooperation of the Census Bureau, solicit prize money, draw up rules and procedures, create databases of those who claim to have filed their census form, conduct the lottery, verify that the winners did in fact file accurate questionnaires and, most importantly - award the prizes

Inuring the feds from criticism regarding gambling, the Census Bureau would have no role in this "incentivized" sensible and fun experiment in data gathering. They would just verify the results - the only requirements for winning being that the "player" complete and return a census form with accurate and verifiable information and follow the entry rules of the official state lottery organization. 

Many levels of prizes, rather than just one or two big winners, would seem preferable to encourage wide participation. And there should be Bonus Prizes for winners who file their forms by a specified early date

I know I'd cooperate with this kind of census - wouldn't you?

How to Make it Happen
Write your governor, legislators and the media today and demand they get behind The Great American Census Pot of Gold Million Dollar Citizen Giveback Lottery! Here are some links that present ways to spread the word and get the ball rolling.

Sample Letter to the Editor

If your state won't play - move to a state that will

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