Moderator's Rules of Posting

The WBAI Issues message board was set up to facilitate dialogue that might help to create a stronger and more relevant station. The focus of this forum is issues that are about, or directly related to, WBAI FM in New York. The software only allows 20 threads per page, so please use appropriate threads on the main page and do not start redundant threads. If you include your email address in the Email field, you will be automatically notified of any responses to your message.

While wit is not to be discouraged in the discourse, the cluttering of this space by the uncivil, vulgar, inane and profane will not be allowed. Therefore, the following posts are subject to deletion at the discretion of the moderators:

.. posts that have nothing to do with WBAI or Pacifica
.. sexual comments that have nothing to do with BAI programs
.. publishing home phone numbers or addresses other than one's own
.. "outting" anonymous posters
.. impersonating another's name or "tag"
.. posts that have little or no content when opened (*see below)
.. crude or attack language
.. personal criticisms of posters
.. inane banter, dopey postings, and replies to dopey postings
.. criticisms that the moderators are censoring too much or too little
.. allegations of illegal or secret activity absent appropriate proof
posts advocating exclusion of individuals based on race or ethnicity as a pretext for organizing listeners

*Single line posts are not allowed to start a thread. If you can't think of more than one line to start a discussion, take it to the WBAI People board. Please be mindful that the WBAI People message board was set up for those of you who feel constrained by rules. If you need a "looser" place, try it - you'll like it!

Concerning posting material not your own: 
Clearly mark "Repost" in the Author field. Do not include the author's address in the Email field if you do not have permission to do so. If you quote (or paste in) a part of another's post it must be clearly indicated as such.

Here are a few simple HTML tags you can use in your messages.

Your cooperation and understanding in all of the above is appreciated... but is not necessary. If you have complaints about the forum or its moderators, you can send your comments to Forum Moderators. We cannot promise a reply, but your message will be carefully read.



Frank Fitzgerald

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